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Veronica Bravo

Veronica Bravo

Veronica BravoVeronica Bravo is an Australian singer and songwriter from Perth who released her first single "Jaded" on Wonderlust Records that hit over 80,000 plays on Soundcloud, over 400k on YouTube and with support from a Spotify playlist it hit over 300k plays. After the success of her first release in Australia, Veronica continued collaborating with incredible producers around the world which has made her second original release on Frequency with Cadmium and Elport called "Goddess" the most recent successful release since "Jaded". The singer works full time on songwriting and singing for her recently adapted electronic music duo called ENVÉ, which has yet to be released. Veronica also enjoys teaching vocals, piano and music theory professionally to students of all ages in a private or open classroom. The singer loves performing live at various locations around Perth either accompanying herself on the piano or along with a full band.

Veronica has loved teaching at the Australian Performing Arts Network Academy for the past 2 years and has continued to educate students with musical knowledge, confidence and performance skills.

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