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Unit 3/9 Stanford Way Malaga WA



Please mark these dates in your diary. Auditions are always full so apply as soon as possible to reserve your preferred date.

You must download the audition form from the website and return to   ph: 08 9209 3067 


Round 1: Audition Round - Friday  7th July 2018 10 am - Newman College Auditorium. 216 Empire Ave Churchlands - One Dance and One  Musical Theatre scholarship to  been awarded for 2019.

Round 2: Saturday 15th September 2018 at the Academy Studio, 9 Stanford Way Malaga -  

Round 4: Saturday 8th December 2018 - at the Academy Studio, 9 Stanford Way Malaga -

It is possible to make a personal audition time with us if circumstances made it impossible for you to attend the group auditions. This is for the intake for Certificate IV (Musical Theater and Commercial Dance ) and Advanced Diploma in Dance and Musical Theatre. Please call Lynley Fudger on (08) 9209 3067 or email  to arrange a personal audition time.

Audition applications MUST be returned and paid for by your audition date.

Please email If you have any questions regarding the audition process or the course content please call Olivia Collier or Lynley Fudger on        9209 3067. We look forward to receiving your application. 

What you will need to do:

Candidate needs to be vocally and physically warm for the audition where applicable. APAN recommends arriving early so that a personal warm up can occur. APAN does not take any responsibility for injury incurred during an audition.The candidate is asked to attend a group performing arts audition. The audition's purpose is to observe the candidate's standard in all areas of performing arts. The candidate must be prepared for all disciplines of performing arts to be included and assessed. This is a time to assess the candidate's potential, commitment and technical and performance capabilities.Questions regarding training and experience may also be asked in the audition.

APAN is here to support all performing arts students in their personal journey to be the best performer that they can be. The audition will be a positive experience to assess how we, the faculty, could support the applicant in future training. The applicant is expected to possess one area of strength in performing arts.

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