Course Progression

As the learner you need to be aware:

  • All courses begin in February and end in December. All work must be completed by either December (or when SCSA deadlines are involved at the designated times for reporting)

  • Extensions of deadlines will only be given under serious circumstances

  • It is your responsibility to complete learning tasks and activities on time

  • There is support if you need it

  • Every task and activity must be completed successfully to finish the qualification

  • Ensure that you are aware of Assessment guidelines and commitments

As the learner you will receive:

  • Feedback on every assessment or details for re-submission as needed

  • A semester report detailing your progress

  • Any major changes to the RTO that will impact your learning

Remember help is always an email away. Please email


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​​All quailifications are offered with the auspice partnership with the Australian Performing Arts Network [AUSPAN]     RTO: 52601.

If you are looking to Auspice with the Australian Performing Arts Network please head to their website