At APAN Academy we offer a variety of programs to suit every performer, as well as full time we offer the following study options:

The Talent Development Program (T.D.P) is a program specialised individual education plan for school aged students in Senior High school (Year 11 and Years 12)  who are driven and working for a career in Performing Arts. APAN is an education focused institution that values the importance of education whilst acknowledging that intense training in performing arts is necessary for students to advance in the Entertainment Industry. This includes both specialised training and performance opportunities.

Main Objectives of the Talent Development Program

  • To value and support education and the individual learner's needs

  • To extensively support and nurture young students

  • To continually deliver state of the art performing arts training

  • To offer performance opportunities throughout student's time at APAN Academy

  • To develop strong and openly communicative family relationships


Following acceptance into the Talent Development Program students are then required to apply to enrol in the School of Isolated & Distance Education (SIDE). It is each TDP student's own responsibility to liaise with SIDE; this includes attending the onsite campus one morning per week to meet teachers, gain support and receive new homework and assignments. SIDE and APAN will liaise where required to ensure that timetables do not clash and that schooling is a primary focus. Education is a high priority at APAN; students are expected to maintain their grades whilst enrolled in TDP. SIDE information can be gained from:


APAN is fortunate enough to have a wealth of knowledge on hand to help with the student's educational needs. When not in specialised performing arts classes the students will have their own work space including a locker, desk and internet access. This space can be used for school work and qualification theory and provides them all they require to enrich their study life. 


APAN is a fully registered training organisation (R.T.O). While a student is training during the week, they also have the option of working towards a nationally recognised qualification. 

Year Ten

Elite Performing Arts Program OR ½ Certificate IV in Dance or Musical Theatre – 1st year

Year Eleven 

½ Certificate IV in Dance or Musical Theatre – 1st year OR ¼ Advanced Diploma in Performing Arts (Commercial Dance or Musical Theatre) 1st year OR 1/2 Diploma in Dance (Elite Performance) or Musical Theatre

Year Twelve 

½ Certificate IV in Dance or Musical Theatre – 1st year OR ½ Certificate IV in Musical Theatre – 2nd year
¼ Advanced Diploma in Performing Arts (Commercial Dance or Musical Theatre) 1st year OR ¼ Advanced Diploma in Performing Arts (Commercial Dance or Musical Theatre) 2nd year

***Post-secondary full time training Completion of qualification/ ½ Advanced Diploma in Performing Arts (Commercial Dance or Musical Theatre) - 3rd Year

Additional Performing Arts Training:

Depending on the qualification to ensure that enriching performing arts training is being delivered, students may also receive further specialised training throughout the week. This is extra training and not part of the qualification- just hours with specialised teachers to extend and advance the student's skills. As the qualifications involve different hours we will create a timetable to determine the hours they will receive. Below is a table to outline the hours and an example timetable of a typical week at TDP. This is formulated to increase the performing arts training whilst allowing ample time to be devoted to education and theory.


APAN Academy has worked hard to ensure the prices of study are competitive with private schooling tuition.  Tuition fees per year include:

  • All Performing Arts Training throughout the weeks

  • Supervision on the premises between 9-4pm (excluding times at SIDE)

  • Working or Gaining a Nationally Recognised Qualification

  • Supervised study sessions and personal work spaces with locker/internet/desks in which to complete school work

  • Participation in the Annual Musical production

  • Several high end performance opportunities throughout the year

How do I apply:

Only upper school students will be accepted in 2019. Entry to the Talent Development Program is by audition only; annual audition rounds are held in September and December. Prospective students are required to complete the online application form and prepare for the audition as specified in the relevant course of study requirements. Once acceptance & APAN enrolment has been confirmed, it is necessary for students to apply and enrol for their academic studies at SIDE. It is imperative that this process is completed promptly to ensure the smooth transition into full time study in 2019. APAN will liaise with SIDE if necessary to assist with the enrolment process.

Talent Development Program (TDP) APAN High School


APAN provides a variety of qualifications students can complete whilst continuing their school studies. 



Achievement standard requirement

***Achievement of at least 14 C grades or higher (or the equivalent) in Year 11 and 12 units, including at least six C grades, or equivalents, in Year 12. (Explanatory notes 5 and 6) *** Completion of at least four Year 12 ATAR courses or of a Certificate II (or higher) VET qualification.

Please Note: Obtaining a Cert I will not count, it is why we do not offer it.


For our School Students:

We know some School Student love to dance and perform at any chance that get. Apan has a great atmosphere, industry qualified trainers, national and international technical experts and performance opportunities. Many dance school student have also approached us through our previous years, stating they would like to participate in our program, however are prohibited by the secondary school, or other reasons they weren't allowed to miss a day. We listened, we wanted to present a solution that would not affect schooling, or dance school time which is so valuable training, and gain WACE achievements.

Why spend time doing a Certificate that you might not enjoy, or ever use. When now- you can complete your Certificate II with Apan, doing something you love and it count towards your WACE?

Students take note that The Curriculum Council of Western Australia has stated "Any nationally recognised VET qualifications and/or units of competency from training packages attained by senior students in years 10, 11 or 12 can contribute towards the achievement of a West Australian Certificate of Education (WACE). 


The different programs available are as follows:

  • Certificate III in Dance over one year (2 days a week)

  • Certificate III in Dance over two years (1 day a week)

  • Certificate IV in Dance over two years (2 days a week and external study)

  • Certificate IV in Musical Theatre over two years (2 days a week and external study)

A Statement of Attainment of the units completed will be issued at the conclusion of each year of study and APAN Academy liaises with the student's secondary school 


APAN provides a lower level qualifications in a program after school hours so that students at high school or Uni can participate in gaining further performing arts qualifications. 

The different programs available are as follows:

  • Certificate III in Dance over two year (Friday and Sat) 

  • Certificate I in Dance over one year (Friday and Sat) 

  • Certificate I in Dance over one year (Saturdays ONLY)

A Statement of Attainment of the units completed will be issued at the conclusion of each year of study and APAN Academy liaises with the student's secondary school upon Request


APAN Academy Junior is a program for Elite and gifted students from Yr 4-Yr9. The program is run on a Wednesday during the school term and includes a variety of classes with Theory, Practical and Performance components. This is NOT a Certificate course but an intensive learning course.
  • Students are taught by Industry Professionals in a variety of performing arts genres. 
  • Students have theory work to complete to TEACH all aspects of dance and prepare them for Vocational Training when applicable
  • Students will receive Semester program reports to alert parents of progress and learning outcomes

ADDRESS: 97 Catherine Street  Morley WA  6062 

PHONE: 0402363606


HOURS: Mon-Friday/9:00AM- 4:00PM

All courses are offered with the Auspice Partnership

with the Australian Performing Arts Network

RTO: 52601.

If you are looking to Auspice with the Australian Performing Arts Network please head to their website

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